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  • We - First Class House Clearances.
  • The Website -
  • Webserver - The computer that hosts the website for you to connect to.
  • Client - A program that accesses a server. In this documentation, a client is your web browser which accesses our web server.
  • Connection - When two computers are communicating and are able to share data. For example, when your client creates a connection to the webserver to get a page of the website.
  • Database - A structured data store.
  • Hosting Server - A specialised computer that runs the databases and the website.
  • Business Owners - The people who own and run First Class House Clearances. They are both Jane Woodcock and Richard Woodcock.
  • Site Administrator - A person who maintains the website and have access to all aspects of this website, including the hosting server and all databases.
  • Cookie - A local variable (datum) stored by your browser that the website can use to store information in your browser, which could be used to identify you.

We use cookies to identify your browsing session. The cookies 'session' and 'session.sig' are used to store server variables about the current browsing session and future browsing sessions. The sever uses a session to store states. Personal data is never stored in session data. Because the server does not link a session ID to you as a person, you can delete the cookie and variables stored in the session information will not be linked to your browsing session. Each time you delete a session cookie the server generates a new cookie for you.

'_ga' and '_gid' are both used by google analytics to track information about your browsing sessions. This gives us information about each time you visit the website, how long you had a page open, etc. This allows us to better understand trafic to the website. For more on Google Analytics, click Here.

'_cfduid' is a cookie used by Cloudflare. We do not use cloudflare ourselves, however we use a service called, which caches images for us, so images load faster on your browser. Using means that image loading times can be fast for you because the images are cached closer to you. The cookie in question is set by Cloudflare for security reasons.

'pp-notification' is a cookie we set once you have seen the notification telling you about the privacy policy and cookies.


The enquiries system takes your information that you enter, validates it (to check that it is valid, and all required information is present), and then sends it on to the business owners via email. This process protects the private email addresses of the recipients, and ensures that all information is avalible for the business owners to answer your job enquiry.

The information entered into the enquiry form is processed before being sent as an email. There is no long-term storage of the information on our systems. The sent email is forwarded on through the site administrators email server. Only the business owners have authorised access to these emails.

The information we request is used as followed; Name - We use this to conduct propper business with you, the potential customer. This also allows us to distinguish different enquiries. Email Address - One method of contact that we could use to communicate with you and answer your enquiry. Telephone/Homephone Number - One method of contatct that we could use to communicate with you and answer your enquiry. Best Time to Phone - Lets us know when it would be best to phone you, so we do not phone while you are busiy or away. This also gives you a rough indication of when we could phone you. Post Code - We use this to determine how far away you are. We are only a small business and so we cannot operate too far away from home. This also allows us to estimate the costs for us to travel to you for any job you wish for us to do. Commercial or Domestic Clearance - Allows us to determine if you are a business or a person. Job Type - Allows us to know before any specific details what type of job you believe it is. This can help is greatly in identifying what you want for us to do without reading the full job description. Job Description - All specific information and notes you want to let us know. Usually this will help us determine if we are capable of the job or to give us an idea of specific details we need to arrange. All information collected is for the purpose of fulfilling your enquiry.

If you wish to have your enquiry information removed please contact the site administrator. Updating the information is not possible based on how email works, however information about the update will be passed on to the business owners.


The reviews system takes information that you enter, validates it (to check that it is valid, and required information is present), and stores the data in a database. The database is hosted on the same hosting server as the website, and does not allow extenral connections. Information stored in this database can only be viewed by the site administrator who is able to access this server. No information collected by the reviews system and stored in the database is collected, processed or accessed by any other company or individual. Site administrator will check a review before it is submitted to make sure it is not harassing in nature or advertising.

For a review, we collect several personal details, and use them for the following purposes; Name - We use this to identify who is reviewing our services. This allows others to see who posted a review. It tells other visitors that you are a real person, with a name. Location - This tells other customers where you come from, which might help them by letting them know we service their area. It also, like for your name, humanises your review and might tell them you are a real person. You may be as vague as you like. Email Address - This serves two purposes; It can allow other visitors wanting to know your experience directly from you and not through our website, allowing for more detailed information. It also gives the site administrator a way to tie you to a real person and not a bot account (an account controlled by a computer, usually for advertising). The email address can be set to not show to other visitors and only to site administrator through a check box, which starts off unticked so by default you will not share your email address publicly. Star Rating - This is, on a scale of 1 to 5, how good you rate our services. This sort of scale is used by many other review services to gague how well you think we are doing in a way others can readily understand. Review Body - This is text you write to give specific details on your experience. This can be very informative to other visitors wanting to use our service. Because this is open for custom comments, this is what we mainly moderate reviews for.

Data entered into the reviews form is processed to validate ready for storage. This includes looking up if the email address has already been used for another review. Once the data is validated it is stored in our database system for long term storage. For reviews the storage is intended to stay until the website is closed, where the information will be deleted. The information is for the purpose of giving us feedback which other members of the public may view, to aid them in deciding if we are worth it for them. Finally, your information is processed whenever the home page is loaded for any other client, or the reviews page is loaded. On the home page it will only load the last three reviews, whereas the reviews page will display every review ever posted to this website.

If you wish to have your review information updated, hidden publically or removed, please contact the site administrator. They are effectively the data protection officer and manage the website.


This website gets information from your client about your client when you connect to the webserver. This information is primarily used to process a webpage response for a client request. On connection we log information about the request, which stores no IP or user-agent. There is a second log created by the reverse proxy of the webserver, which is seperate from the website log. This log stores your IP address, user agent and time of request, including other HTTP request details. The site administrator maintains this reverse proxy, and stores up to 4 weeks of logs. The site administrator audits the logs for security of webservers and checks for attacks through access logs. To excercise any right on this log, please contact the site administrator with your IP address and preferabilly times. Actions on this front are subject to their discression.

The webserver also logs server-specific events, as a direct cause of client input. Notabilly, when a review or enquiry is made, the server needs to process this data. It must make sure that the data is valid (as the server expects, formatted correctly). Invalid information will be stored in the log files, however no information about user action is stored. Information is also stored when a user has successfully made a review or enquiry. Finally, information is also logged if an issue occurs with the server, such as an email not being sent or a file not being accessable. These logs contain a lot of information about the issue and the system, but not about the user data.

Only the site administrator has access to logs.

Google Analytics

We use google analytics as a tool to help us collect and process your information about a connection. This analytics information can be used by us to understand our audience, you. We collect the data from data sent from your client to our webserver on any connection.

You can opt-out of google-analytics by installing the free google analytics opt-out browser add-on Here. The addon is made by google to block the data collection code (which was also written by google).

The only EU considered personally identifiable information we collect is your IP address - An address used to send internet data to your PC. It can be used to get your general location, which shows us what country you are in. It is also used to identify what network your trafic is in, and who your ISP is. We also collect General Meta Information - Tells us your platform (e.g. Desktop, Mobile, ect.), what mobile device you use (including brand name and model), operating system (e.g. Windows, Android, ect.), screen resolution and colour depth. These details are generally not considered personal information.