About Us

Take the stress out of your clutter
We specialise in all aspects of clearance work. Whether it be contractual work for housing associations, nursing homes, estate agents, private landlords, solicitors dealing with probate or a member of public wanting anything from a full property clearance to a simple de-clutter, to a simple removal of household or garden waste.
  • We're reliable, affordable, ethical and offer a sensitive service in times of beravement, when sensitivity is paramount
  • We're built to respond as quick as possible, offering a rapid rush clearance service, and we won't charge a high premium to do it
  • Trustworthy
  • 99.9% of the time cleaper than skip hire - and we do all the hard work!
  • We dispose all of our waste at licensed facilities with top recycling credentials
  • The clearance of a house that has been a home to a loved one can be very difficult. We make every effort to provide a house clearance service that minimises the stress that can be involved in this process. Whatever the reason for clearing a property
  • Car boot and caravan clearance
  • Office clearance
  • Storage clearance
  • House contents clearance

Small removals are avalible
We also are more than happy to offer removals for your smaller household items such as dishwashers, three-piece suites, washing machines, beds and such like, so please feel free to contact us on email: sales@firstclasshouseclearances.co.uk. We will get back to you ASAP. alterntativeley please just call us on either of these numbers, where we can advise you immediately when and if we are able to move your item for you. Call us on our landline: 01244 812595 where you can always leave a message 24/7. Or, speak to Jane or Ricky directly by calling on our mobile: 07754 811872

What we can do for you
We offer a fully licensed, fully insured, professional and affordable service for all of the above. We preform full house clearances, removing everything requested such as carpets, cookers, washing macines, and all clutter and furnature. We also clear garages, lofts, office spaces and commercial buildings.

If requested, we can also clean the property to help improve its retail chances and appeal on the housing market. we never forget with some house clearances we are dealing with people's losses, feelings and posessions that hold sentimental and emotional memories. We can cater for all your clearance needs so make your next move, our next move...
  • We can work with your solicitor, neighbour or estate agent
  • We can pick keys up and don't require you to be at the property if you are unable to be there due to other commitments
  • Each customer can be supplied with their own invoice which contains all of our business and tax details
  • When undertaking any clearance work, our main objective is always to make it as cost effective as possible, for the customer
  • To help us achieve this we start by going through the property looking for sellable goods
  • Once we have sourcced the goods we could then have them appraised and valued if you wish, with a view to either us purchasing them ourselves from you
  • We cab at an extra cost arrange for them to be sold at auction

We buy goods
As well as offering to have your valuables appraised and sold at auction, we can also buy them ourselves. We have learnt in the past that sometimes the customer would prefer to have the goods sold immediately for cash rather than going through a lengthy confusion of an auction. We will pay top-prices for antiques and good quality modern goods. When it comes to selling goods at auction, whether it be expensive antiques or modern goods, our expert independant valuer, with over 28 years of experiance, will not only give an honest appraisal and valuation of your goods, but also could, if you wish, advise and arrange on which auctioneers your items should be sold at, maximising your potential returns.